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TiE South Coast Orange County Presents

TYE Summer Shadow Day Program

Offering high school students, a shadow day is a great way to introduce them to career opportunities in a particular industry. Shadowing one job, or multiple jobs, enables students to discover careers they want to pursue. It offers practical experience and insight into the typical duties and responsibilities of a position.


The TYE Job Shadow program a unique program that we have introduced in the TYE family. This programs intent is to further TiE South Coast Orange County's mission of fostering entrepreneurship and giving back to our local communities. This program has been designed to offer job shadowing opportunities to High School students grades 9th-12th. The idea is to connect them with and allow them to learn from successful entrepreneurs and across various fields such as STEM, Law, Finance and may more.

Goals & Purpose

Through job shadowing, student will get an opportunity to observe the professionals from the field they aspire to work in. It is similar to on-job training to ensure they gain some practical experience before officially entering the professional world. As a result, when they get placed as employees in different firms or organizations, they are able to now effectively apply the new skills and knowledge they gained from the experience straight into their field of interest.

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